Author Instructions

POCT’22 is accepting paper submissions of the following types

Full Contributed Papers:  – If accepted, Contributed Full Papers are presented either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation.  The type of presentation will be determined by the Conference Review Board based on factors such as the reviewer’s suggestions and topic of the paper.  Final papers are limited to four (4) pages. Authors wishing to submit an over-length manuscript may do so. There will be an over-length page fee of $200.00 per page and limited to an additional 3 pages (maximum page submission is seven (7) pages). This payment will be required after author notification of acceptance, at the time of final paper submission.

1 Page Abstracts:  – If accepted, will be presented as a poster.   Initial and final versions of your paper are limited to one page in length; over-length manuscripts will not be accepted.  One page papers will not be published in IEEE Xplore.

Author Instructions to submit a paper

When Ready visit:
Click “Submit a contribution to POCT 22”.
Select the type of Submission you wish to submit
Follow all steps outlined to complete your Submission

Preparing your Paper:

The formatting of the paper must

  • Be written in the English language
  • Be original unpublished work
  • All submissions must be in US Letter page size format. Please follow the page margins strictly, you will not be permitted to upload your manuscript if it violates margin requirements – thus, it is highly recommended that you use the downloadable MS-Word or LaTeX template.
  • Both your initial and final submissions must be in double-column format.
  • Do not put header/footer/page numbers

Click here for templates

Paper Guidelines

 At the time of submission, after you have filled in all the required information about title, authors, abstract, etc., you will be asked to upload the manuscript. The manuscript will be tested for IEEE PDF compliance. It is best that you use the system’s built in PDF conversion tool. When you upload your MS-Word or LaTeX file, then it will be converted to a compliant PDF. If there are margin problems, then you will be asked to download and check the margin problem before you can submit the file. If there are no problems with your file, you can simply click on the Submit button to complete the submission.  If you are on a slow connection, it may be better if you compress your file into a “zip” file before uploading it.

(Note: only zip compression is supported, if you upload the file using other compression techniques such as gz, tar, rar etc., it will not be converted).

Each Corresponding Author (the author that submits the paper, will attend the conference to present the paper and is responsible for communicating with the Conference Organizers and the paper’s co-authors) is limited to two (2) submissions for the conference with your registration. If an author would like to submit more than two (2) final papers to the conference, there is a fee of $100 per additional paper.

During your initial submission, you will be required to add all the co-authors of your paper. In order to add a co-author, you will be able to search by their name or e-mail address by following the PIN link from submission page. If they are not in the system, you will be able to add them with their name and email address. Please remember, once accepted, you will be required to add any additional co-authors during your final submission.

POCT’22 has a two-step submission process. The Initial Submission will first be checked for IEEE compliancy and will be for review purposes and stamped for confidentiality. If your paper is accepted, you will be required to complete a Final Submission which will appear on the conference proceedings website. If your paper is accepted, you will be required to upload your final paper by the Final Paper Submission Deadline. Please note that you will have to complete the registration process and pay the registration fee prior to uploading your final paper.

Author Registration

At least one author of the paper must be registered at the appropriate full conference rate in order to upload the final paper. If complete payment of a registration fee is not received, authors will not be able to proceed with uploading their final manuscript. While any author of the paper may be registered, only the designated “corresponding author” may upload the final paper. Once a manuscript has been uploaded, the registration fees cannot be refunded.

Author No Show – Substitution

EMBS enforces a strict “no show” policy. Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author to attend and present the paper at the conference. Authors of the accepted papers included in the final program who do not attend the Conference will be subscribed to a “No Show List”, compiled by the Society. The “no-show” papers will be removed from the Master DVD and noted as “Author unavailable for presentation” prior to submitting to IEEE for inclusion in Xplore. The “No Show List” will also be made available to all EMBS conference organizers, who can reject submissions from these authors in the following two years, based on their past negative impact on an EMBS conference.

The no show form must be completed and submitted by the corresponding author of any paper that has been included in the POCT’22 program but the corresponding author or any co-authors are no longer able to attend and present the paper in the conference. If we do not receive the completed no show form, and you do not attend POCT’22 and present your paper, you will be subscribed to the Society no show list.

If the corresponding author is not able to attend the conference, he or she may delegate this responsibility to a co-author.  Delegation of this responsibility requires that the corresponding author submit a substitution form in advance.