Session 4 – Healthcare AI for the Clinical Environment

The session will introduce the audience with the general approaches, use cases, and barriers to leverage artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools that can augment clinicians’ work, especially in diagnostics, clinical decision support, and workflow optimization. The panelists will share insights from their own research, the current market landscape, and discuss the most promising AI-tools that are expected to make major clinical impact within the next decade. To conclude the session, the panelists, along with the audience, will identify a vision for unmet clinical needs that are most amenable by AI and that ultimately augment the physician.
H. Timothy Hsiao, PhD – National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH
Christopher Khoury – Vice President, Environmental Intelligence, Strategic Analytics, Partnerships and Innovation  – American Medical Association
Suchi Saria – Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Chen – Stanford Department of Medicine
Paul Varghese, MD, Verily Life Sciences
Noemie Elhadad, PhD – Columbia University