Session 2 – Space Exploration is Reinventing Healthcare – What’s the ROI?

The Apollo space program led to the development of numerous medical breakthroughs. As we set our sights on exploring Mar, keeping astronauts healthy where there are no hospitals and no medical specialists will require a different paradigm. Astronauts will be forced to act as both patients and healthcare providers. In this panel, we will discuss whether developing capabilities for future space missions is actually driving innovations in healthcare. You will hear from a NASA expert on the most pressing challenges and needs of manned spaceflight. Join us and hear from the Chief Health Innovation Officer of TRISH, a NASA partnered institute about how they are solving those problems. Researchers and developers of novel medical solutions that are funded by the space program will also share their progress. Finally, we will discuss the ROI on sending humans to explore the universe.
Dorit Donoviel, PhD – Baylor College of Medicine/Translational Research Institute for Space Health
Aenor Sawyer, MD-TRISH, UCSF Skeletal Health Service
Erik Antonsen, MD, PhD, NASA Johnson Space Center
Miguel Jimenez, PhD, MIT
Arthur Papier, MD, VisualDx, University of Rochester