Jane P Bearinger, Ph.D.

Bearinger headshot

Dr. Jane Bearinger advises BARDA in building a portfolio of technologies to pre-symptomatically detect illness.  Her contributions to minimally invasive and point-of-care devices, implant materials, tissue engineering, lithographic techniques and sensor platforms are evident from her patents, highly cited publications, invited talks and awards.  Jane previously was CSO of Nanoscopia Inc. which utilized molecular diagnostic device innovations that Jane developed as Founder/CEO of Corporos Inc.  Before Corporos, Jane was as a Senior Scientist in Physics at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  While at LLNL Jane held positions as the Medical Technology Program Leader, Medical Countermeasures Group Leader, Bioorganic Synthesis and Protein Engineering Group Leader and Scientific Editor of S&TR.  She previously was a chemist at Merck.  Jane has served on numerous NIH panels and journal peer review committees.

Jane’s panel comprises key opinion leaders assembled on-stage discussing pre-symptomatic illness detection technology development.   The forum will cover user needs, technical advances, FDA interactions, hurdles to commercialization, advances in pre-symptomatic detection modalities, etc.