Bryan Buchholz, Ph.D.

Buchholz headshot

Bryan Buchholz, Ph.D. is professor of occupational biomechanics and ergonomics. He has earned doctoral and master’s degrees in bioengineering, a master’s in applied mechanics and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering, all from the University of Michigan. He is the current Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and was the founding Director of the Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology graduate program that is an intercampus initiative for the University of Massachusetts.  Dr. Buchholz has been involved in initiatives to understand and help control work-related musculoskeletal disorders throughout his career.  He is part of the New England Ergonomics, Rehabilitation and Robotics Validation and Experimentation Center an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty from Computer Science, Physical Therapy and Mechanical Engineering.  Through this collaboration, he is interested in exploring the use of exoskeletons in the workplace to reduce MMH hazards for low back injuries.  His research in biomechanics extends in to the development of prosthetics and bioinstrumentation.