Student Paper and Design Competitions

Students currently enrolled in any degree granted program can submit their scientific papers with 4-page manuscripts with or without their entry for the demonstration session. There are two student competitions:

  1. Student Paper Competition: Students are required to submit 4-page scientific or translational research papers for oral presentations. After peer-review, up to six finalists will be selected for oral presentation of their papers. Based on the review scores of submitted papers and oral presentations, three student presentations will be selected for awards.
  2. Student Design Competition: Students working on product design and development can participate in the Translational Demonstration Showcase to demonstrate their prototype design or product following the Call for Proposals for Translational Demonstration Session. Students participating in the Student Design Competition must submit a 2-page Proposal for Translational Demonstration Showcase on the prototype. Accepted entries in the Student Design Competition will be assigned a table with a poster board to display their prototype/design. Separate awards will be available for best student prototypes/designs.

    In addition, students can submit 4-page papers separately for oral or poster presentation to participate in the Student Paper Competition.