Rachael Hagan, MSc

Rachael Hagan is a recognized leader with a demonstrated track record of commercializing early-stage technology out of universities. Ms. Hagan is experienced in promoting emerging technologies and businesses to investors with a strong track record of identifying, planning, and implementing strategic partnerships

Ms. Hagan formerly served as the Managing Director of the Coulter Translational Partnership Fund (CTPF), an evergreen fund providing $1.5M a year for investments at both Emory University/Georgia Tech and previously at the University of Washington. Beyond providing capital, she evolved the Coulter Fund into a team-based approach that provided a rich resource for advancing translational projects to clinical adoption.

Ms Hagan managed, conceived and implemented investment processes and procedures that brought business discipline to academic environments. She served as interim management on all investments. She actively participated with innovators and co-investors on operational, funding, growth and exit strategies culminating in the formation of more than 57 start-up companies, twenty-three (23) of which raised over $170M in total funding and introduced new products to the market. Ten (10) products were licensed directly to established medical device companies.

Ms. Hagan has provided expert advice on medical technology investment to early-stage funds and angel investors, including Keiretsu Forum Northwest, Wings, Seraph Capital Network, Johns Hopkins University, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Imperial College London, and University of Calgary.

Ms. Hagan has an M.Sc. in Medical Regulatory Affairs and was a lecturer at the University of Washington’s School of Pharmacy Master program for Medical Regulatory Affairs. She has advised, coached, and collaborate with numerous entrepreneurs to develop business models, identify and pitch to potential investors, structure funding, and grow the resulting emerging businesses.