Eric Berson, Ph.D.

Dr. Eric Berson is currently an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville. Dr. Berson’s research program has focused on the development and/or improvement of bio-processes where existing techniques are limited due to complexities with the working media such as multi-phases, high-solids content, and complex flow fields. Integrating computational fluid dynamics with experimental work has been instrumental in overcoming limitations when experimental observations or measurements are difficult or impractical. Example applications include bioreactor design, kinetic and mechanistic modeling of enzymatic reactions, characterization of fluid forces in complex flow fields, correlation of fluid forces to mammalian cellular responses, and most recently a non-invasive technique for detecting and assessing coronary stenosis. The interdisciplinary work has resulted in collaborations with other engineering disciplines, MD’s, and microbiologists from universities in the US and Europe plus national labs and industry. He earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Florida State University in 1991 and PHD from the University of Louisville in 2000.