HI-POCT 2016 Student Paper Competition

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society sponsors a paper competition for EMBS Student Members (Graduates and Undergraduates).

Students should submit their entry to the Conference as a Contributed Paper by 22 July 2016. Each student’s Faculty Advisor will be required to endorse their student’s submission by submitting a Nomination Form (download the Word  file of the Nomination Form) between now – 29 July 2016.  Failure to submit the accompanying Nomination Form within the submission window will invalidate the respective student paper submission for the student paper competition.

Competition Deadline for Paper Submission: 22 July  2016

Submissions are evaluated on their originality, scientific merits, structure, and clarity of composition. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and finalists selected based on the merits of submissions and corresponding nominations.

Finalists must attend the Conference and present their papers as an oral presentation (slide format) in a special session for the Student Paper Competition. Each Finalist (6) will receive free conference registration. First, second and third place winners will be selected and these winners will receive monetary awards.

Information regarding the HI-POCT 2016 Competition may be obtained from:

EMBS Executive Office
Phone: 732-562-2673
Email: j.sandler@ieee.org

Student Paper Competition (SPC) Guidelines

Students interested in participating in the competition should:

  • Create a profile in the Conference Paper Management System or update an existing Profile
  • Submit their entry to the HI-POCT’16 as a Contributed Paper by 22 July 2016
  • Inform their advisor’s that they should also submit a Nomination form for their student’s entry between now – 29 July 2016. The advisor should verify both student status and EMBS membership.
  • Upload the Nomination form at https://embs.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl. Click on Submit a Contribution to HI-POCT’16, click on submit (to the right of student award paper nomination). Your advisor should upload the form if he/she is a co-author on your paper. If he/she is not a co-author, you may upload the form on your advisor’s behalf. The nomination form MUST be uploaded between now – 29 July 2016.

Papers describing either complete results of original research or a project containing a significant design element will be accepted as entries. The student should be listed as the first author and the student’s advisor as the second or the last author. Other individuals may be listed as co-authors, if appropriate. The first author will be considered the “corresponding author” and will be required to coordinate communication with the conference office and their co-authors. The student MUST be a member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) at the time of paper submission and prior to 22 July 2016.

A student may submit only ONE entry for the Student Paper Competition.

Rules for manuscript preparation for the Paper must be followed as outlined on the conference web site and in the Author’s Kit. Please note that for a paper outlining a design project, the construction of the project, the accompanying design considerations, and verification of project success should be detailed in the paper. All papers must be within the 4 page limit.

SPC paper submissions (received by 22 July 2016) without a faculty advisor’s Nomination Form (received by 29 July 2016) will not be considered in the competition. Log-in to the Paper Management System, select the link to upload the Nomination Form and complete the required fields (Note: Proposer = Advisor). Do not fax, e-mail or mail the nomination forms to the Executive Office as submissions done this way will not be considered in the competition.

The Review Process

SPC submissions will be reviewed in the usual manner by the Conference Editorial Board for their suitability to be included in the technical program of the Conference. Those receiving high scores in the initial review will then be reviewed by the SPC Committee to short-list the Finalists. The nomination by faculty advisors is a very important document here (remember it must be received between the now -29 July 2016).

The finalists will be selected by the SPC Committee based upon the review outcome

There will be up to a total of up to 6 finalists in the competition.

Note: Any student wishing to have his or her entry withdrawn if it is not selected as a Finalist should have their Advisor clearly indicate this by checking the corresponding box when submitting the SPC nomination form.

The Finalists

Each of the six (6) Finalists will receive complimentary Conference registration.

According to IEEE policy, the three (3) student winners must submit a completed W8 or W9 IRS Form in order to receive their monetary prize

Each Finalist must attend the Conference and present his or her paper in the regular conference program, as an oral presentation (slide format) in a special session.  A panel of judges will carefully review each presentation.  First, Second, and Third place winners will be selected based on technical merits of the work, professionalism of the presentation, and verbal communication skills.  All finalists will receive instructions by the program committee on how to best organize their presentations.  Finalists will receive complimentary registration to the conference.

The three (3) overall winners of the SPC will receive a Certificate and honorarium of $500.00 for the first place winner, $300.00 for the second place winner, and $200.00 for the third place winner. All Finalists will receive Certificates of Merit.