José Fernández-Villaseñor, M.D.

villasenorDr. José Fernández-Villaseñor has been a practicing physician and electronic engineer for over 15 years and is the Healthcare Business Development Manager for NXP Semiconductor in Silicon Valley.  Prior to his current role, he worked with Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., in Tokyo and Mexico, spanning different operational areas in the healthcare and medical market such as sales, applications engineering, product marketing and R&D.  

Having written over 30 international publications on applied biomedical engineering, Dr. Fernández-Villaseñor has co-authored a book based on RTOS and biomedical applications and has been awarded patents for semiconductors applied to biomedical sensing.  In 2012, he was on the cover of EEWeb magazine as featured engineer.  His awards include the MSG Excellence Award (2010) and the Outstanding Achievement Award (2011).  Given Dr. Fernández-Villaseñor’s education and professional background, his interests focus on how to use technology to shift the paradigm from therapeutic medicine to preventative medicine and how to achieve a more efficient healthcare sector through commoditization in the healthcare industry and its services.

 He earned his degrees in the following areas:  Bachelor of Systems and Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.  In addition, he also holds a Master´s Degree and Residency in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery. Most recently, he completed an interchange program with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) on entrepreneurship and emerging new business models in China, and graduated from his MBA at Tokyo’s Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University where he is specialized in finance, entrepreneurship and Japanese-style management.