Finalists for the Student Paper Competition

Congratulations to the HI-POCT’16 Finalists for the Student Paper Competition!!!

These 6 students will present their paper in the Student Paper Competition session that will be held on Thursday, 10th November, 2:00PM – 3:30PM in the Mexico-Cozumel room.


Presentation Title:  Intelligent Fractional-Order PID (FOPID) Heart Rate Controller for Cardiac Pacemaker
Authors:  Shivaram Poigai Arunachalam- Mayo Clinic, Suraj Kapa- Mayo Clinic, Siva Mulpuru- Mayo Clinic, Paul Friedman -Mayo Clinic, Elena Tolkacheva- University of Minnesota

Presentation Title:  Comparison of Kinematic and Dynamic Sensor Modalities and Derived Features for Human Motion Segmentation
Authors:  Jonathan Feng-Shun Lin -University of Waterloo , Vincent Bonnet- Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Vladimir Joukov- University of Waterloo, Gentiane Venture- Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Kulic, Dana- University of Waterloo

Presentation Title:  A Fabric-based Wearable Band for Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Filament Strain Sensors: a preliminary investigation
Authors:  Andrea Ferrone- Università degli Studi  Roma Tre, Xianta Jiang- Simon Fraser University, Luca Maiolo- Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Alessandro Pecora- Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Lorenzo Colace- Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Carlo Menon- Simon Fraser University

Presentation Title:  Characterization of a Compact and Highly Sensitive Fluorescence-Based Detection System for Point-of-Care Applications
Authors:  Jennifer Blain Christen- Arizona State University, Uwadiae Obahiagbon- Arizona State University, Dixie Kullman- Arizona State University, Joseph Smith- Arizona State University, Benjamin Katchman- Arizona State University, Karen S. Anderson- Arizona State University

Presentation Title:  Dynamic Remote Control through Service Orchestration of Point-of-Care Devices based on IEEE 11073 SDC
Authors:  Martin Kasparick- University of Rostock, Malte Schmitz- Institute for Software Engineering and Programming Languages, University of Lübeck,  Frank Golatowski- University of Rostock, Dirk Timmermann- University of Rostock

Presentation Title:  The Lab-On-PCB Framework for Affordable, Electronic-Based Point-Of-Care Diagnostics: From Design to Manufacturing
Authors:  Nikolaos Vasilakis- University of Southampton, Konstantinos Papadimitriou- University of Southampton, Daniel Evans- University of Southampton, Hywel Morgan- University Of Southampton, Themis Prodromakis- Nano, ECS, university of southampton