Conference Themes

Conference themes would include a topical coverage of (but not limited to):

1 Point of Care Technologies

  • POC Technologies in Resource Limited Settings
  • POC Technologies for Home-Based Applications
  • POC Technologies for Slightly Trained Operators
  • POC Technologies for Clinical and Healthcare Facilities
  • POC Technologies for Intensive-Care Applications
  • Low-cost POC Technologies for Cervical Cancer
  • Biomarkers
  • Lab-on-a-chip
  • Devices for Molecular Epidemiology

2 Emerging POC Technologies for Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep (HLBS) Disorders

  • Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Respiratory Monitoring
  • Detection and Monitoring

3 POC Technologies for Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Detection and Monitoring

  • Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Detection
  • Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Monitoring

4 Personalized, Preventive and Precision Medicine

  • Evidence-based Medicine
  • Clinical Use and Acceptance of POC Technologies
  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Validation of POC Technologies

5 Information Communication and Networking in POC Technologies

  • e-health
  • Wireless communications and Networking
  • mHealth Innovations
  • POC Data Storage and Communication
  • Medical and Healthcare Data Communication, Security, Privacy

6 Clinical Translation, Healthcare Innovation and Global Challenge

  • Point-Of-Care (POC) Technologies Clinical Translation
  • Regulatory challenges (US and International)
  • Healthcare Innovations with POC technologies
  • Global Healthcare Challenges