Presentation Flash Drive Requirements

Invited Speakers/Oral Presentations

All presentations must be on a Flash drive, and will be scanned. Scanning Flash Drives is a requirement of NIAID Security!

We ask that the flash drives only contain the presentation. The more items on the flash drive (family photos, old presentations), the longer it will take to scan, and an attendee could be held-up waiting for 20 minutes or more. An empty flash drive ONLY containing the presentation will usually take under a minute to scan.

For your convenience, we have set up an email to send your presentation to in advance, which we are strongly encouraging, to avoid waiting in long lines: 

Please copy Shayla Rodgers at the following email address as well:

If you do not send your presentation in advance, you will need to go to the HI-POCT Hospitality Desk and see a speaker liaison to have your presentation flash drive scanned for viruses and then loaded onto the NIAID presentation drive so it will automatically show up in the computer conference room folder.