Onur Mudanyali, Ph.D.

Onur Mudanyali is the Director of R&D at Holomic LLC, a Los Angeles based company that commercializes advanced photonics-based medical imaging, sensing and diagnostics technologies (www.holomic.com). Prior to this position, he was a research assistant and teaching fellow at UCLA Electrical Engineering Department where he received his PhD degree in 2013. He is the inventor of various technologies including computational lensfree microscopy/nanoscopy techniques and several smartphone-based diagnostics solutions that can address some of the challenges of global health problems. At Holomic, he is responsible for the technology transfer and new product development. Since 2013, he has been leading the design and development of Holomic’s first product family in the market, Rapid Diagnostics Solutions, a mobile platform including smartphone based assay readers, assay developer and explorer software suite, and HIPAA-compliant cloud architecture for assay distribution and real-time mapping of diagnostics results.