Brian G. Jamieson, Ph.D.

JamiesonBrian G. Jamieson, Ph.D. is a co-founder and Chief Technology Office of Diagnostic Biochips, Inc. (DBC), a Baltimore-area firm that is developing a technology for continuous, real-time monitoring of biomolecules in the blood and several different tissue preps. DBC’s technology relies on two separate threads: the development of highly compact micro-sensors that are integrated into IV needles and other devices, and the ability to develop and functionalize biosensors with a highly selective and custom aptamer bio-sensing element. Jamieson is a 21-year veteran of engineering R&D, biomedical device and instrument development projects. The DBC technology platform builds on his doctoral research on implantable biosensors. Brian was a NASA civil servant from 2002-2006, where he worked on analytical instrument miniaturization for unmanned space missions. Brian left NASA in 2006 to found SB Microsystems, a successful product development and consulting firm, from which DBC was spun out in 2012. Brian serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Maryland Science Center, as an advisor to the graduate Industrial Leadership in Physics (ILP) program at Georgetown University, and on review panels for NASA, the NIH, and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. Brian earned a BS in Physics from Yale in 1991, and Electrical Engineering (MS, 2000) and Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D., 2003) degrees from the University of Michigan. He is also a 1996 Olympic silver medalist in rowing.